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Sajeesh said...

A true devotee of Lord Krishna

Entropy said...

മെല്ലെ തുറന്നു തളര്ന്നോരെന്‍ മിഴികളില്‍ ,
കന്ണഞ്ചും സൂര്യതേജസ്സു പരന്നു മെല്ലെ,
കണ്ടു ഞാന്‍ ആനന്ദകോടി സൂര്യ ബിംബങ്ങള്‍ ,
കാരുണ്യ വാരിധിയാമ് മാധവനായ് .......

exellent..i did like that..really nice.....Thanks!!

pinkpearl said...

beautiful!!!!! i can see the whole moment in front of my eyes..... chills running all over my body.... speechless.... I am sure you are one Favorite devotees of lord krishna mom!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Words flew flawless,
could see the brightness in eyes,
The Omnipotent when instills devotion it flows like a river in the form of poems,paradies and whatnot!!!!!Keep it up. Looking for many more of such attempts

Anonymous said...

o marvlles

Anonymous said...

O praveena we like your whole poem you are a sweet hearted person we are waiting your more poems your mind is very cool

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